Hologram Fan Unicorn 23cm Fantastico Fans

Hologram Fan Unicorn 23cm

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Experience the Magical Holographic Effect of our Unicorn Mini Fan

Our best-selling hologram fan now available in our standard size 

23cm when folded, with a super shimmery holographic effect. 

Introducing our Unicorn Mini - a hand fan that demonstrates the power of holographic technology. With a gentle wave, it creates a mesmerizing shimmer effect, turning an ordinary day into a magical experience.

The fan measures at 23cm, compact enough to carry around with ease. Despite its small size, don't be fooled. The holographic effect is truly enchanting, a shimmering display that captivates and transfixes.

Combine practicality with an undeniable sense of wonder. Let our Hologram Fan Unicorn Mini transport you to a world of fantastical charm with every flickering holographic shimmer. Simply put, it is a product that must be experienced to be believed.