Black Reflective XL Fan NFF FANS

Black Reflective XL Fan

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This amazing XL folding hand fan glows rainbow-coloured under phone flashlight and looks FANtastic in selfies and photos! It's our most popular rave fan and always seen at festivals around the world.

When you're ready to make a bold statement, simply unfold it to reveal the full 66cm edge to edge width. It's the perfect accessory for staying cool while feeling good about your eco-friendly choices.

About us:
Based in Ibiza, we are the go-to place for hand-held folding fabric fans. Find us on the coolest dancefloors, festivals pools and beaches. 

Our sassy slogan and bold print festival fans have since been spotted all across the globe at the coolest events, and we've even spotted some celebrity fans too.

Made with Bamboo and 75% recycled polyester, you can feel good about your investment in sustainable and stylish fashion.