Experience the bold, vibrant, and unapologetically sassy world of Fantastico Fans, where every fan flick tells a story of individuality and the spirited essence of Ibiza.


Fantastico Fans started with a spark of inspiration and a whole lot of attitude. Initially supplying branded fans to clubs and events, our breakthrough came with the XL "Bitch Please" fan, which was an instant hit in Ibiza.

Debuting at Gay Pride Week in Ibiza, our fans turned heads and created buzz. During our adventures, we found a shop for rent on Calle De La Virgen, Ibiza's iconic LGBT street. Despite lockdown challenges, we rented the shop, and the rest is history.

In 2022, we opened our store in Ibiza Port and launched a range of 100 unique fans, becoming a hotspot for island lovers, fashionistas, divas, and queens. Collaborations with Ibiza’s top clubs, hotels, and restaurants led to custom-designed fans matching their unique vibes. Learning from our customers, we also launched our online shop.

As our fans' popularity soared, visitors began asking to stock them in their shops. This demand led to wholesaling our range globally. With a growing following, we hosted pop-up shops and featured in high-profile photoshoots, expanding our custom business.

Fantastico Fans is about making a statement. From the hottest dance floors and pool parties to the sun-kissed beaches and stylish streets of Ibiza, our fans are a testament to bold, vibrant living. Join us and be part of the Fantastico story, where every fan flick tells a tale of freedom, fun, and fabulousness.


Our Summer 2024 campaign captures our vibe, with our favourite people, in locations across the best place on earth.


We believe in the power of bold expression and living life unapologetically. Our fans are more than just accessories; they are symbols of individuality, freedom, and vibrant energy. This magnetic vibe attracts a diverse tribe of fearless fashionistas, spirited club-goers, dynamic festival enthusiasts, and the ever-colorful LGBTQ+ community. We also embrace the stylish 40+ crowd who knows how to keep it cool and chic.

United by a shared love for the sunny, sassy, and lively spirit of Ibiza, our audience embodies the same daring attitude and zest for life that Fantastico Fans represents. Join our tribe and celebrate the joy of standing out and living boldly, one fabulous fan flick at a time.