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Trippy Optical XL fan NFF FANS

Trippy Optical XL 33cm fan

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Welcome to the World of Trippy Fans!

Take a trip with our mindbending XL Trippy fan!

When you're ready to make a bold statement, simply unfold it to reveal the full 66cm edge to edge width. It's the perfect accessory for staying cool while feeling good about your eco-friendly choices.

Made with FSC Certified wood and 75% recycled polyester, you can feel good about your investment in sustainable and stylish fashion.

Unveil a whole new mesmerizing experience with our 33cm Trippy Fan. This artistic creation is no ordinary fan. Its psychedelic artwork is made to captivate and entrance you, creating a world where art meets function. This fan isn't just about keeping cool, it's about journeying into a world of color, sensation, and visual stimulation.

Our Trippy Fan measures 66cm in diameter, making it a perfect portable size that can be taken anywhere. The hypnotizing patterns on the fan blades become a spinning vortex of psychedelic colors and shapes when in motion. But don't worry, it's all part of the visual journey.


Based in Ibiza, we are the go-to place for instagrammable fans. Find us on the coolest dancefloors, pools and beaches. #wearefantastico

Our ready-to-go collection launched last year following demand from our island-loving, fashionistas, divas, and queens who know how important a talking point for a great photo is as well as keeping cool and looking fierce.

Our sassy slogan and bold print fans have since been spotted all across the globe at the coolest events, and we've even spotted some celebrity fans too.